election day… the current state of america

in a lot of places, if not all, today is election day.  today is the day that we exercise the privilege that many have fought and died for.  today we have a chance to change the way things are… or are we?  and if we do change things, are they for the better or the worse?

i would first like to say that if you are of voting age and do not vote, shame.  we all have a duty as americans to vote.  a chance for us to voice our opinions and change government should not be neglected by anyone.  even if you think your vote doesn’t count, it does!  if you don’t vote, i believe you have no right to complain about anything that happens in government.  don’t bother writing your congressman because if you ain’t going to voice your opinion now, i don’t want to hear it later.

ok, so we have this important day that is suppose to change america for the better.  but i wonder if we are really changing much at all.  most politicians are about the same.  they are rich people who look to become richer and want to impress their own personal views on government.  where’s the joe shmoe who knows what it’s like living the middle class/low class life?  is it just me or does anyone else think that there aren’t many “people politicians” out there?  people who truly care about whats best for everyone.

this election day things change is what people want.  is this change such a good thing?  what are your views of america?  i personally think america is heading down a dark path.  i love this country but i think people are becoming more self centered than anything.  tolerance is too highly preached and responsibility is spread thin.  people want to be free, but we have to watch everything we say and do.  everyone has to be so careful and tolerant or else they are sued.  sorry “mr. i dropped hot coffee and it burned me” for making the coffee hot like you like it.  next time hold on to the cup moron!

…. arg!   thinking about this is erking me.  i’ll finish it next post when i can calm down 🙂


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