an alt-o-holic’s call for help

hi, my name is klaki and i’m an alt-o-holic. i have phases where i get bored with a particular class and will forcefully stuff it in a closet to never be seen again! well, until i get bored with the new class i’m playing. so as of right now, i have two 70s (a hunter and a lock), both of which i love so very well… well, not right now. i’m bored with the ranged pew pew classes. i want a healer or tank, but i can’t decide which to choose. i have a lvl 33 shaman, a 32 druid, and a 41 priest i can use as a healer (or a druid tank). plus i’m not opposed to lvling my lvl 14 warrior either. help?! the possibilities are mind boggling. if anyone has any words of advice i would greatly appreciate throwing them my way.


1 Response to “an alt-o-holic’s call for help”

  1. November 8, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    I too have this terrible? problem. I have no solution. Alas… as my guild was in Kara last night, what was I doing… leveling like Hunter number 576… Perhaps you should look into Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. I know WoW toons are not their normal client, but I am sure they could help…

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