i druid out of a hat

well, after contemplating on which lowbie i should lvl up, i decided that a druid would be my best shot.  i can go either direction, healing or tanking.  i also figured that since my server is low on tanks, i could be filling a need of the community.

so, i took my lvl 33 druid to the dreaded zone called stv (stranglethorn vale).  did i mention that the place is dreaded, and i hate it so with a passion.  i mean when is the 2nd flight point going to be there.  the place is infested and i always have the bad luck of being attacked from behind while killing another mob.  i will give it this, i do like the quests there.  grinding quests are not bad.  i don’t mind killing X of something at all.  i do not however like collecting X of something.  i think it’s blizzards way to get us to go insane.  the drop rates are always low.

so anyway, i picked up initial quests to kill panthers, tigers, and raptors (oh my!) and to also take care of the human’s lightwork with the kurzens.  all is good as i found how much i missed playing my druid.   i gave up playing her (yes, i am the man with many female toons) because there was already a druid in my old guild and they needed a hunter.  but i remember how nice the versatility of being a druid was like.  being able to stealth and quickly kill mobs a couple of lvls higher than i was, then *poof* being about to tank two/three mobs if i got in trouble.  not to mention travel form at 30…. it’s a godsend for stv.

so after killing numerous tigers and panthers i dinged 34 and /flexed at the people at hemmy’s camp.  I then went to train and got some more murderating skillz.


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