after a long weekend…

well, after a long weekend, i’m still semi-sick, i’m at work, and i’m with a new guild. it was pretty eventful. in case i haven’t said it before, i normally don’t read/write blogs on the weekends, or days i’m not at work.

this weekend could have been better. the weather has been fluctuating from warm to bitter cold lately and apparently my body hates that. sunday night i started feeling kinda light headed and uneasy. thats ok, i like laying down and playing wow. actually that was the first night in the new guild. i’ll speak more of that in a bit. anywho, sunday night was awful. i kept waking up in the middle of the night and having wierd dreams. i’m talking armless grandmothers trying to force themselves on me wierd. i was totally freaking out. i didn’t get much sleep to say the least. so like all normal people who have those kinda dreams, get no sleep, and feel bad do, i call in and try to work from home. i start feeling abit better and actually try to do some work… nope. vpn has other things in mind. though it connected, it only wanted to work 1% of the time. so, after working 3-4 hours, i spent the rest of the day having a Harry Potter fest in front of the tv. i hate missing work, so now i’m here, sick, and trying my best to concentrate.

like i referred to earlier, my wife and i have a new guild. for some time we have not liked how our old guild was being ran, but we were working to make it better. the gm took some time off for moving and to releive some stress. he passed the spot off to another member. he was a friend of mine, but he had some issues to deal with. he was the kind of guy that if you ever made me mad, he would do anything and find any reason to kick you while making himself look like the hero for doing so. it had happened several times before. so on saturday my wife was in a raiding party and they were about ready to go when another member says “i’ll brb, i gotta take a shower real quick” (i know, why now?) so the new gm said ok, brb bio. while he was away, my wife said she will brb because she was going to give some ports to make some money. while she was away the new gm came back and made some rude comments about her not doing this while a raid was about to start.  my wife does so much for the guild (she makes the pots, for free, and always helps the others, even when most of the other officers refuse to help). so this makes my wife mad and she says that she won’t be raiding that night. so the new gm gets mad, demotes her and puts her on probation. so i, being a loving hubby, get on and talk to him to defend my wife. he tried to play it off as a joke, but i heard him (it was over vent)… he wasn’t joking. so after arguing with him a bit, he starts to cuss me out. i was like “no thanks” and later that night my wife and i left. we left all our friends behind and we are very sad, but we couldn’t stay in a place where someone runs things the way he did. it was his way or no way.

but alas, we soon found another guild and i might say, i’m loving it so far. the officers are open, nice, and look out for everyone. they plan events (we raided the crossroads our first night) and have prizes, and all the stuff we wanted in the old guild but they never did. so, i will update you all how it goes, but so far, i’m glad we got into a good guild.


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