Manga, true comic excellence

i don’t know about the rest of you all, but i love to read my manga.  manga, for those of you who do not know, are basically japanese comics.  a lot of these comics (well, the good ones) are often turned into anime.  it is now becoming popular here in the usa that now you can buy translated versions of these manga for our viewing pleasure.  the bad thing is that it takes so long for the american version to catch up to the japanese version.  when this is the case, i normally download translated versions of the japanese versions on the internet.  so, if you haven’t tried one out, do it now!  don’t wait!  reply back saying “thx klaki!  you da man!” and head straight to your local bookstore and get some.

i’m not much of a reader, but i love this stuff.  the two i am currently reading our naruto and bleach, both of which are now on cartoon network.  the manga for each of these animes are great!  i can’t recommend them more.  they storyline is very intriguing and keeps me eager for the next chapter to come out.  they are well written and the illustrations are superb.

buy and/or download them now!  you will like them, and if you don’t let me know so i can say you have no taste.  🙂  if you have any suggestions for new manga i should read or want to discuss manga, let me know,  i love talking anime/manga.


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