sometimes it’s nice to have a movie night

with all the wow madness of the past week or so, my wife and i decided to have a movie night. we went to our local mcdonalds where they have those redbox things. those things are great for people like us. we don’t have cable so we can’t watch any on-demand anything. most of the tv shows on now a days (at least the local stations) are not-on-demand crap. so being able to rent movies for $1 a piece and being able to return them to any of the numerous mcdonalds is wonderful.

so we decide a couple of comedies (License to Wed and I Now Pronouce You Chuck and Larry) and one other that I’m not sure how to categorize it (The Invisible). The choices show that we don’t watch as much movies as we used to, and i know some will now question my taste now that i’ve seen these.

LtW was a nice movie that kept my interest, but wasn’t as funny as i would hope. robin williams is a comedic genius and does well with his role in this movie, but everyone else slacks to keep up. well, there is a part where they are in the bar doing a couple’s exercise with other couples. there was another soon-to-be-groom that was hilarious. i give it 2 stars outta 5.

now, i love adam sandler’s slapstick and wacky comedy. i own a majority of his movies. i also love the tv show King of Queens, when i rented INPYCAL i thought the combination of adam sandler and kevin james would be awesome. i thought the movie did well for what it was. it wasn’t as good as other sandler movies because the chemistry between james and sandler was not always there. watching this made me realize that kevin james will only be known as our beloved doug. i give this movie 2.5 stars outta 5.

The Invisible should have been renamed The Intolerable. i feel nodding off at parts through this awful piece of film. the idea is great, but how they did it was made me want to poke my eyes out with a rusty screwdriver. a girl (that does an awful job of looking and acting tough) accidently kills a boy. from then we watch the dead guy look clueless throughout most of the movie. the acting was so bad and i wanted to slap about 90% of the cast for being stupid. i give this a /burn in the microwave. use this dvd as a coaster or practice target shooting.

however, i did find our movie night to be quite wonderful. it was so nice to forget about wow for a night and focus on my wife and my sanity for a change. if you all know of any other good movies, let me know. we pretty much like every genre. if we rent a movie you suggest and i review it, i’ll give you kudos 🙂


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