i lovez me some government control :\

so here i am doing what i do when i’m trying to promote brain function at work, reading blogs, news, and emails.  i come across an article about a woman in massachusetts  trying to ban spanking one’s child, even at home.  i was appalled by this.

when i was growing, there was a rule a rule that my family (mine and my relatives)… break the deal, face the wheel.  it was code that meant if you ever acted up, you would whacked by this huge wooden paddle.  of course being like any other kid, i faced that blasted thing quite a few times.  even in school, my elementary school teachers all had paddles of some sort to correct kids that couldn’t behave.

now, i don’t consider myself a bad person.  yeah, i can occasionally come off as a rude, smart butt, guy, but it’s normally all in good fun.  i know good morals and whats right from wrong.  those spanking, either it came from a paddle, my daddy’s hand, or a belt, never effected my badly and actually taught me to behave.

the anti-spanking people say that this will help child abuse.  no it won’t!  let me tell you how it would work, the sad thing is this is already happening.  a child will get in trouble and since a parent couldn’t spank their kids, they would try putting them in a corner and talking to them.  you can’t talk (reason) to a kid, they’re not an adult!  when the kid responds (usually by back talking or disobey), this causes parents to go insane and people who would normally abuse their kids, they would abuse them anyway!

i think it’s quite sad that today’s parents are more afraid of their children now.  “i’ll call CPS!” is being heard more and more.  kids try to use this as a counterattack to keep their parents at bay.  if my kid ever said that to me, i would say “go ahead.  go to a foster home with a bunch of bad kids where you will be picked on and beat up.  say goodbye to all the stuff we give you because you won’t have it no more.”

i have great parents but they were not reluctant to show me who’s boss and what’s wrong.  i agree with their philosophies.  1. kids don’t need tv’s, stereos, game consoles, etc in their room.  if i was sent to my room and i had all that stuff, i would gladly go.  2. when you spank, make it hurt enough that they wouldn’t want that again.  i’ve seen parents barely tap their kids and expect them to learn something.  why do you think we have repeat offenders when criminals get “a slap on the wrist”.  make it hurt, they will learn.  3. you’re the adult, they are the child.  don’t give in to sad stories, crying, kicking, screaming, etc.  once a kid knows they can control you, it’s all over.  well, those are a few, i could name more, but this post is a novel right  🙂

so in conclusion, what’s up with people trying to get government to control our lives.  we founding fathers knew what they were doing when government didn’t butt their head into everyone’s lives so much.  i wish i could put a poll up.  i would like to poll this “to spank or not to spank” question.


4 Responses to “i lovez me some government control :\”

  1. 1 Dick
    November 29, 2007 at 10:03 pm

    I aggree. I got spanked when I was a kid, and even in High School (I graduated in 99). My parents spanked me, didnt beat me, just spanked. When I got “too old” for spankings, wich usually meant that they could start speaking reason to me, they knew that spanking was not the answer and would punish me in more creative ways that would hurt me, like being grounded from going outside. That hurt quite a bit cause I lived outside, I had video games, but never played them.

    Kids now get way too much slack and end up being bad kids, but you can’t blame them, it’s the parents fault for now raising their kids to respect authority.

    I really hope this gets shot down and not made a law. If it starts in one state, you the rest will follow suit.


  2. December 4, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    I agree; it’s a slippery slope when one state gives in to a fanatical left wing idea. If MA starts it, CA won’t be far behind. Unfortunately, we numbskulls don’t know how to live properly, so the elites have to “make” us behave right. I guess that’s why there’s no turmoil or upheaval or divorce or criminals in their families, ’cause they’ve got it….erm, nevermind.


  3. December 6, 2007 at 5:37 pm

    While I appreciate the thought of utopia that this woman seems to have, human nature is such that it just won’t work. I’d love to live in a world where I didn’t need to spank my children, but when you need to get a 3 year old to stop doing things like running in the street or stepping on the 80lb dog’s head, a spanking is about the only thing that is going to do the trick. Time out is just a chance for the little imps to plan their next move.

  4. 4 klaki
    December 7, 2007 at 5:00 pm

    “Time out is just a chance for the little imps to plan their next move.”

    lol, so true. i love it when they tempt you. i have a friend who has a two year old. what the kids will do is that after he gets in trouble for doing something, he’ll come back and do it again. this time however, he looks at his mother, grins, and then does it.

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