Der’s ghosts in dem dare marshes!

So while lvling my uber Druid, I decide to take a detour from my normal  lvling track to check out this so called new content in Dustwallow Marsh.  Now, I’ve never really explored here except for good ol’ Tabby’s shack and the occasional run to the Barrens, so I was quite pleasantly surprised to see all the wonderful yellow !s.  Before I knew it, my quest log was full of goodies I could do.

I’ve only done a couple of chains, but this sure does beat lvling in STV.  No annoying trolls, no stupid tigers, no mind numbing goblins.  It was just me and the marshes.   I had tons o’ fun killing traitors, snooping around some burnt down inn, rubbing a delectable fish bait all over my body O.o, and killing a huge lvl skull fish with sparkling cannon fire.

For those who haven’t checked out the new content in the once forgotten Dusty Marsh, I say check it out.  It’s a great alternative for STV!


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