let it snow, let it snow, GET OUTTA THE WAY!

after reading this piece from the witty TJ, i decided that i should banter a bit about how people’s IQs are lowered to the level of a banana whenever snow arrives.

how is it that a normal person can become  so absent minded because of a few flakes of “Albino Brain Chiggers” (thanks TJ for term, let it spread like the plague) aka snow.  It’s like some kind of magic pixie dust that causes one’s mind to shrivel up like a prune.  People forget to think and turn to acting like some kind underdeveloped lemming.

Driving is the most common way to see this.  Common sense tells us that snow makes the roads very wet and slippery at spots, so what do we do?!  We ignore thing completely and drive like it’s a sunny day in June, fast and hard!  look at the cool guy doing the donut in the middle of the street. :\  When it’s snowing pretty good, we still try to make it.  It’s bad enough driving in a car with front wheel steering, but why in creation do people try to drive with rear wheel steering.  I can’t tell you how many people have gotten stuck while trying to go up the street to the store and get stuck!  To make things worse, why do people try to drive through piles of snow?  I would rather walk in the snow than risk getting my car stuck.

Another prime example is the grocery markets.  Everyone knows that you can never have too many shovels.  People tend to think these things are like water in the middle of the desert, you can’t get enough!  People act like Armageddon is upon us when snow comes.  We better buy the whole storm just in case this turns into a nuclear winter!  It’s like they don’t want to have to resort to cannibalism so they stock up on EVERYTHING for a snow storm.

A good point point, but sometimes unnecessary is that when snow is predicted, why must the vicious cycle of under preparation and over preparation occur.  The first snow storm is normally met by the “oh crap!  i never knew snow existed. What do I do?!”.  But after that it’s like if there’s going to be a micrometer of snow, lets pour a ton of salt everywhere known to man.  I know salt is a good thing, but why put enough to coat my windshield in a dull gray-white and cause me to go insane!

I love the snow, don’t get me wrong, it’s the people I’m around that makes me insane!


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