what the….

so i was talking to my grandmother the other day when she tells me that they are trying a new garbage collection service.  normally this would be no big deal because waste management don’t really move me.  however, the process this new company used to gain my grandmother’s business is wrong, but interesting.

so this new collection service calls my grandmother and asks if they would be interested in switching services.  my grandparents live in a community and decided that if possible that most homes should use the same collection service.  this would decrease the number of garbage trucks in the neighborhood during the week.  so, with my grandmother knowing this, she politely says “No thanks” and starts to hangup.  Of course, like most salesmen, they refuse to take their “foot out of the door” and try anything they could to get her to switch.  After several “No thanks”, my grandmother had to be blunt and finally got off the phone.  Two days later, they look outside the window and behold, an empty trash bin left there by this new company.

Even after telling them no more times than they should, they do this!  What kind of company forces their products/services on people?  is there a law or something against this?  What makes it worse is this… the morning, my grandmother had my grandfather call the place to see what was going on.  The company tells my grandfather that my g’ma ordered the service.  They told him this even though he heard her say no to them so many times.  After trying to convince the company that they didn’t want the service several times, they just asked how much the service cost.  Lucky for that company that my g’parents current service was about time for renewal.  The price of the new service was a bit cheaper so they decided to keep the service.

i think i should start a fruit basket delivery service.  if i call and people say no, i’ll just go to their door with a basket expecting money.  so all i got to say is “what the …”


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