druid it up

so not so long ago, i got my first taste of what druid tanking would be like.  /drool  it was so awesome.  from taking the hits like a champ, to swiping and bouncing between two mobs, to charging and growling to save the healer, it was a great experience.

the group that i had consisted of me (tanking like a Panzer III), a cat druid, a sheepish mage, a stealthy rogue, and a preisty.  we all decided to murderate those blasted scarlet crusaders inside the scarlet monastery cathedral.  it was great, i at one time was tanking three mobs at once.  mob hopping and swiping all the way.  we ran through it like it was nothing.  even when we had bad pulls, we pulled it out.  the worst came when the rogue and other druid died and the mage was outta mana.  there were two mobs left.  i tanked them both while the mage wanded them.  one of them dies and the priest say “no healz for you, i’m oom!”.  i then go “who needs your healz!  iz gotz my own!”.  I tank the last one, plus one more that decides tehy want to die as well.  all the while i was popping, healing, tanking, owning, making french fries.  i was doing it all!  the priest and mage casted their spells when they could.

i was level  38 at the time, so the mobs were around my level.  it was a good run even though i didn’t get any loot, i left feeling fairly confident that i could be an effective tank.  what a feeling!

for those who want to start a drood, check out the bear’s blog under my links, like it says, read it NOW!


1 Response to “druid it up”

  1. December 12, 2007 at 8:51 am

    you will enjoy it more when you`ll hit lvl 70. i have a warrior lvl 70 and a druid. yesterday i decided to play more with the druid, and especially to tank because it`s so much fun. good luck and enjoy leveling!

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