is it right?

just a quick thought and question.  in my guild, i had an officer come to me awhile back and ask me a question.  this officer (person A) has done quite a bit for the guild as far as recruitment goes.  he asked “is it ok if i leave the guild and join a guild thats farming kara and 25mans?”  he went on to mention that they would return once he was uber geared and help us through everything.  i am not one to tell people what to do.  my philosophy is that you need to go where you will be happy.  he told me not to tell anyon, and i agreed.

now another officer (person B) found out about this plan because he saw A broadcasting looking for a new guild.  he told me about it, and the officer was highly mad.  He had high loyalty for our guild (i love that 🙂 ).  so we talked about it and about a day later, person A left the guild.

so last night the person A got on his alt, which was still in our guild, and began to play.  i didn’t mind too much, but problems began the officer B got online.  he saw that A was one and got really mad.  he whispers to A and tells him to leave because of some bragging A was doing in guild chat about how good his other guild was doing.  so A’s alt quit the guild.  then A whispers me mad that i told B about what happened.  i told A that he found out on his own, and that i only confirmed what he did find out.  that didn’t help A was ticked and i was blasted verbally.

how important is loyalty to a guild?  i think it’s highly important.  would you have let A’s alt stay in the guild?  i know now i should not have.  was it wrong for me to confirm what player B found when i agreeded not to tell?  B is an officer, and i’m a firm believer that all officers need to know whats going on.  and lastly, why am i so nice when it comes to people i know?  normally i’m a laid back person who don’t care much about things.  i guess thats why i didn’t care about keeping the alt in the guild.

well the good news is that everything is back to normal, A is gone for good, but we got a new officer last night.  i think they will do well and things are going well.

your thoughts…


2 Responses to “is it right?”

  1. December 14, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    person A had a bad way of thinking. basically he wanted to leave the guild to be a loot whore and return after. i doubt he would have ever returned and his alt still in your guild is intolerable. in my guild when one leaves/gets kicked we get rid of all his alts. person A was not a good officer. you did well by not saying his intentions, you kept a promise, yet he didn`t believe you. good riddance.

  2. 2 Dick
    December 17, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    Being a loot whore may not be the case. I left the guild I was in cause I wanted to see new content. Not for loot. I did/do love the people in that guild and wanted to come back to help them push through Kara, most officers understood and some didnt. I had alts in that guild for a while but I guess the officers that couldnt handle me leaving /gkicked my alts, all of them. Now Im still good friends with the GM of that guild and know that if I wanted back, he would take me no questions asked.

    But, if person A was truly wanting to progress and come back to help the guild, then he should have had a meeting with the other officers to let them know. I think it was kinda shady to spam for a new guild and ask to keep it a secret. I think he put you in a bad position for asking you not to say anything.

    I think a lot of it is human nature though, person A wanting to see if the grass is greener, and person B feeling like he is not good enough, or feelig burned by not telling person B.

    Oh well, person A will be fine in his new guild, and person B will get over it, and the guild we keep on.

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