my past misfourtune with pets

after reading my dear friend TJ’s story of her adorable kittys, i thought i would write this little piece about my past misfortune with pets.

when i was born, my family had already had two dogs. i don’t recall the name of the male, you’ll see why later, and a female named sandy. i wasn’t even five years old when sandy had pups. i’m pretty sure it was chaotic around the house. soon after the pups were born, our male dog ran away… hence i was too young to remember the name. well, a couple of years after that, the pups got out of the fence and were never seen since. so all that was left was sandy.

sandy was a great dog. she was the kind of dog that would love to love on you. she was very well behaved as well. she wouldn’t jump, claw, or bite. she would just hang around and snuggle next to you wanting to be petted. i loved that dog for it was the first dog i can truly remember a lot of. when i was 9 years old, my cousin and i were playing in the side yard, as we normally did when he came over on the weekends. he went into the backyard and then i heard him yell my name. when i got there, he said that sandy wasn’t moving. sandy was laying there so peaceful and still. i wasn’t sure what was going on. i tried waking her up by calling her, but she didn’t move. i then took a stick and nudged her hoping she would then wake, but she was all stiff. it was then it hit me that she was dead. of course i ran into the house and cried. i was so sad and i didn’t know what to do. i had so many questions.

after sandy, i think we had gone through several goldfish, none of which had lasted over a month. i guess we didn’t know how to exactly take care of one. i was never really one to be big on fish though. i think my parents thought it would be cheaper and easier to take care of. they were sadly mistaken. there were many o’ burial at seas in my house.

during the whole fish debacle, we kinda adopted a stray cat by the name of smokey. named properly for she was a smoke color. she was an adorable cat and loved to sit at people’s feet. smokey would like to roam around outside, but she would always come home soon after. soon after we adopted her, she had kittens. i saw her have them and it was an amazing sight to see. only one kitty lived out of the two smokey had. the baby’s name was baby 🙂 she was our new pride and joy. unfortunately our joy was short lived. it was within several months when one day baby and smokey went missing. we looked for days and couldn’t find them. then one day, as we were pulling away for baseball practice i saw baby in the front yard by a tree. my dad said that she would be fine and we’ll get her when we got back. that was the last time i saw baby. Later we found a person up the block with a new kitten that looked like baby, but they insisted that they bought her, so we couldn’t prove anything.

a year later, my little brother begged and begged for a dog. well, he finally got his wish in a dog named patches. patches was a care free spirit that loved to run around. that was a great thing since you have three young boys (my lil bro was 6, i was 11, and my big bro was 16). we would love to chase that dog and play fetch and such. we had patches since he was a pup and my lil brother loved that dog more than life. about 3 years later, patches became very sick. she would sleep a lot and when she was awake she would be sick. she would throw up nasty looking green stuff. we took her into the vet and the vet said that someone poisoned her and that there was nothing we could do. they could treat patches, but she would remain sick and it would only delay the inevitable. soon after my mom made the always difficult. we had patches put down. we were all crushed.

a couple of years later we got a new dog by the name of pluto. pluto was a loving dog that was always glad to see anyone that came through our front door. with licks and wagging tail, he was wonderful dog. luckily pluto is still with my mom. pluto has been through a lot. one day my mom was walking pluto when pluto was attacked by a pit bull. it took a neighbor hitting the pit bull in the head with a hammer to make the dog release pluto. pluto’s whole right side was ripped open and luckily the vet healed him. pluto has also fought off two cases of skin cancer. pluto is getting old and is starting to lose his sight now. but my mom got a new dog, pepper, to help keep pluto as young and playful as ever 🙂

as for me… a couple of months before my wife and i got married, i bought her an empty dog cage for christmas. she was ecstatic because she loves dogs as much as me. a week later, we went and got our dog, angel. she is the cutest dog you’ll ever see. she is so darling and loves to give people hugs and kisses, even when you’re not ready for them 🙂 she is very smart and very funny. we call her chewbacca because of the way she talks sometimes. here is a pic for all of you to enjoy.

Angel Marie

4 Responses to “my past misfourtune with pets”

  1. January 8, 2008 at 12:31 pm

    Sniff. Very sad doggy stories. I firmly believe every dog goes to heaven (and cats and horses). I can’t watch a movie if an animal dies/is hurt. I am glad that you now have your Angel. I’m hoping/wishing for a puppy soon . . .

  2. 2 klaki
    January 8, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    I know what you mean. I love dogs and I can’t stand to watch those animal police shows on Animal Planet. They make me mad and want to punch the owners who abuse their pets. I will start lobbying for Dammy to buy you and lil Orclett a new family joy, a puppy 🙂

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