on the brink

my wife, some of my friends, and i created our guild maybe a couple of months ago.  we are now up to around 50 members with about 14ish people active at nights.  we have made many a good and awesome friends.  some of them are so loyal that i love it.  when we first started recruiting we would lose those that were impatient while we got a group together to get into kara.  they would stay for a week or so and split because we never had enough people run.

now our guild is growing and we started running kara one night a week while pugging only a couple of spots.  on our second run ever we downed moroes and got maiden down to 11%.  this is very impressive considering a lot of our people have never been kara before.  i’m so proud of them all.

now we have gotten a few more people and we almost have a full group to go to kara with.  i’m so excited that our guild is melding and getting along, helping eachother.  i was so scared that it would fall apart because of people doing their own thing.  however, we are getting closer everyday.

i feel like we are on the brink of being a really good independent guild.  we have awesome members.  we deal with drama in a civilized manner.  we are learning and doing things for the good of the guild.  we have a very democratic type guild where people vote for things, and so on.  i’m now wondering to myself what the next step is.  we got a small guild site, but trying to get more people to use it is rough.  how do i get the members to use it more?  we got a vent server and more people are getting on it all the time.  is there anything else a good guild needs?  let me know your thoughts.


2 Responses to “on the brink”

  1. January 23, 2008 at 9:10 am

    Frankly.. there isn’t much you can do to attract more members, at least the kind of members you want in a guild. Best thing is to use your Realms forums and keep others updated of your progression in Karazhan, spread your name arround a bit.
    You can add some info there on what classes you are looking for and that you’ve recently started Karazhan (in a more casual way) and are making good progress.
    Bump this thread each time you make a new kill or when class requirements change.
    There might also be a general progression thread someone keeps up to date you can post in.

    If you have a guildsite you can let your members know to be on the lookout for nice and skilled players, perhaps of a certain class. Otherwise try using MotD for that but wouldn’t overdo it.
    GL with that. 😉

  2. 2 klaki
    January 23, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Thank you so much for the advice! I will do some of those suggestions and hopefully we will get better. We need healers so bad right now. 🙂

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