it feels so good to have a good outing

don’t you love it when your group has a nice smooth run.  rarely any deaths, no big problems, everyone is having a blast!  it kind of refreshes your love for the game a bit.  it makes you want to play more, learn more, and so on.

my guild had a good run, by our standards, last night and i was so stoked over it.  now, as i was saying in my last post, my guild has started kara.  we have only ran it like 3 times, and there are quite a few people that have never been to kara before.  since we just started, we  are only raiding for 3 hours.  the best we’ve ever done in that period was to down attunement, moroes, and get maiden down to 11%.  however, last night, we had our best run yet.

last night, we had all the tanks and dps, but no healers (which we are normally low on healers).  our one healer couldn’t go because of time restraints so we pug’ed three healers, two of which were friends of mine.  the run started off real smooth.  i haven’t led many raids, plus i’m an affliction lock (which imo is hard to keep track of dots and peoples responsibilites and such), so i was worried that chaos might occur.  luckily i have some great members that we’re making them into raid leaders and they helped me tremendously.

it was so great, we went and we downed attunement in one shot.  i know he’s not a hard boss, but considering we had a new to kara hunter and a couple of people who’ve never grouped together, and pugged healers, i thought it was a great accomplishment.  the real test was with the next boss, moroes.

now as most people know, moroes is the 1st true test of a raid inside of kara.  the only other time we killed moroes it took us 4 tries.  between tanks dieing, cc breaking, etc, the moroes fights would always be a pain in the rear.  this time was different though.  this time everything went according to plan.  we smacked him around like we’ve been doing it for years.  it was so great to one shot him.  and the awesome thing was that we had harder adds to take down this time then we did from the past.

now since a lot of people had never seen the opera event before, we decided to bypass maiden for another day and go to opera.  so during our trek to the stage we only wiped once due to the tank pulling more mobs than he should have.  after so we went and tore up the rest of the mobs.  we did the under the stage trick to see which event we would get….. big bad wolf!

now i’ve done bbw before and i don’t consider him that hard, but i’ve never done him with this guild.  now things started off good with the hooded players running like they should, but then things started going south.  our priest became hooded and started to run.  he got snagged by the house and the wolf made short work of him.  next was a rogue… same thing!  two down in a row.  all this time the dps and healers are frantically throwing everything at him!  next thing our mage goes down!  at this point, i wanted to throw my mouse at the wolf wanting to kill him.  i thought we were done for because the wolf still had quite a few hps left.  however, at that, i decided to try to pep up the team and then everything ran like gold.  nobody else died and we killed bbw… 1st opera victory for my guild… in one shot!

now by this time we had only been in there for not quite 2 hours or so (time was more wasted on buff/bio/brb/etc than anything else).  this was great.  we decided to  go ahead and take on maiden.  we get to maiden no sweat and i go over the fight with those who haven’t been there before.  the first try we got maiden down to 1%.  it was so depressing, but it vitalized us for another try.  the second attempt we horribly bad because our main healer got holy fire on them way too much too soon, bad luck.  the third time was going to be our last because it was getting late and i had work.  the last attempt went great.  everyone was on their job, nobody came close to death, we downed her like the confused woman she is!  everyone cheered and we can’t wait to get back in there and take on another huge hurdle, curator.

so that was our great night… four bosses in 3 hours.  i was so happy.  it makes me want to play now 🙂  one day i hope to be able to clear kara with no sweat.  we are not a hardcore raiding guild by any means, but some progression does feel nice!


2 Responses to “it feels so good to have a good outing”

  1. January 24, 2008 at 11:30 am

    Congratulations! Isn’t it great when a plan comes together (I think that quote is from the A-Team)?

  2. January 24, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Four bosses in three hours is awesome. Hearing things like this makes me want to raid…. way better than those stories of 8hrs and 0 bosses and death and doom some people have.

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