lets get ready to rumble!

with this raid week being our 4th raid ever in my guild, i’m proud to say that we will be hoping to down prince tonight.  we will float like butterflies and sting like alcohol being poured over severe wounds.    we have worked hard and have had tremendous teamwork to take care kara as well as we have.  our group is not the best geared group in the world, but we are taking to each challenge with personal determination to want to get through this.

last friday, we continued our march by taking down shade and one shotting illhoof.  both fights were fantastic with 6 people surviving the elemental onslaught of shade and with everyone left alive when illhoof met his bloody demise.  we had great healing, and great listeners.  we all played our roles, and we supported each other in fights that we didn’t think we could get to this quick when we started raiding.  we are rotating people the best we can so that all can experience some end game content.

so, i say to all…. RAWR!

on another note, my druid dinged 56 and is continuing it’s path to the top.  i’m still not sure if i’ll go resto or tank.  i suppose it depends on what we need at the time.  which way is more fun?  i got some tanking experience and i enjoy that.  i love taking the beating and being able to serve as a meat shield for those behind me.  i healed part of ZF last night on my priest and I enjoyed it, however the PuG was what it was, a PuG.  people couldn’t stick to their assignments and i was mad healing 3 or 4 people at times.  a lot of drinking i had to do.  all in all it was a blast.  i will keep you updated soon.


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