i caught a fish this big :\

Modern Dundee

don’t you just dislike people who play the 1-up game. you know the people and the game. you are really excited because you did or got something that was really cool in your eyes. then when you tell said person, they have to 1-up you and say they got something or did something better. they do this to make sure you and everyone around you knows about their fake-awesomeness. they lie so they can feel better by crushing your achievement into the ground. even if you got the highest score in a game possible, they are a great hax0r and achieved a higher score. even if you did three head shots in a row, they did 2 head shots with one bullet then back flipped off the building only to donkey punch another baddie. the fact that someone is so insecure about themselves that they must intrude on other peoples happiness and try their best to steal your thunder is beyond me. i also love the fact that you can’t argue or 1-up them either because their lies are endless. it will get to the point where they caught a whale using a stick and string. its pointless trying. it’s a sad time.


1 Response to “i caught a fish this big :\”

  1. 1 sonvar
    February 11, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    That comic just made me think of the simpsons
    Austrailian – “That’s not a knife. THIS is a knife!”
    Bart – “That’s not a knife, that’s a spoon.”
    Austrailian – “Ah, I see you’ve played Knifey-Spoony before!”


    People always try to one up each other but some people just take it to an extreme or go to elaborate means to make it seemed like they won. It justs a matter of figuring out who these extremist are and laugh at them when they make these outlandish remarks

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