The pain of the learning process

Well, it’s Tuesday and Kara resets!  All I can say is “Thank Goodness!”  This past week we brought several “new” people with us, which means I didn’t get to go, to Karazhan.  This included a new offtank, a semi-new healer, and a couple of new DPS.  I heard over vent all of the chaos.  The first day they burned down Attument like it was nothing and made quick way to Moroes.  Then, they got stuck!  Try after try, Moroes and his minions took them down.  They tried at least 5 times with no success.  They got stuck with some awful adds though.  They had both the ret pally and arms warrior, so when a priest got aggro, they were toast right away.  They had numerous problems from trapping to trap breaking and Moroes aggro.  They soon called it.  Later the next day I gave some trapping tips to help with trapping, and they tried again on Thursday.  Again, doomed at Moroes!  Trapping went well, but still other issues.   Trap breaking and not cleansing Blind were a major issue this night.  This week was one of those weeks you want to forget.  I’m going to try my best to come this week and lead my troops to victory!


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