Don’t ruin it for me quite yet

So I have been on this trek of getting my druid to level 70. The main reason is because my guild needs another bear tank and I can also heal if I ever need to. Well, the journey is almost over as I reached level 69 over the weekend. Now I have decided to do some PvP to try to save some honor so I can get some welfare epics! A pre-Kara tanking set is not that hard to get. I’ve followed a good guide from my bear mentor Big Bear Butt (read druid goodness NOW!) to get most of my items for my tanking set. The bad thing is getting a good healing set is more of a pain. So if I PvP, I can get some good healing gear fairly easy while I tank.

With that in mind, I had my 1st PvP match yesterday. It was an AB BG. Of course, the Alliance lost, but I did really well, and I had tons of fun. I played mostly defense, but I ended up 3rd on the Alliance. I got 8 KBs, only died once (I got ransacked), and had about 30 HKs. It was so much fun sneaking up on people and murderating them. I love healing others in a pinch. I love CCing people. It’s just all around fun.

My question to you is… are Druids any count in PvP? I don’t PvP much, so I’m not sure.


1 Response to “Don’t ruin it for me quite yet”

  1. March 25, 2008 at 8:38 pm

    In BGs, Bears rock. I love seeing a bear tanking in AV (Alliance). I hate trying to kill a bear. Almost as hard to kill as a warrior, and definitely harder than a pally (honest, they really DO run out of mana eventually).

    And omg I love me some Trees! Either the Resto kind, or the boomkin kind. So while I’ve never played a druid in PvP, I’ve seen them played well (my BG partner has a boomkin, and she and my hunter are always near the top in damage and kills).

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