it’s so good to be home… thats why i’m leaving

why can’t people be content?  why must we want more?  these are questions i ask myself quite often being a gm of a guild.  i see people come and go and have come to the realization that no matter how much you offer, some people will never be satisfied.  i try my best to help and offer help to as many guild members that i possibly can.  i try to schedule quest nights, pvp nights, retro instance nights, give me all your gold nights!  just kidding about that last one. 🙂  however, to some, its not enough.

something quite funny occurred over the weekend.  i had a fairly new guild member tell me that he/she was leaving.  the reason was that he was going to a friend’s guild to help them grow.  it was fine by me, i want people to be happy and if you’re not happy in my guild, i want you to go where you will be.  the funny thing was that it was only a couple of days ago that he was telling me how much he enjoyed my guild.

well i went on helping a guilde quest.  a couple of hours have went past since the departure of the guilde when i get a tell from them.  they told me that the other guild was so awful and that he was so sorry and wanted back in because my guild was so awesome.  i will admit that this kinda made me feel good about myself (stupid pride for making me feel good).  of course i let him back in, people make mistakes, people will adventure.  the guilde was a nice person.  people deserve at least a second chance, depending on what they did to get that opportunity for the second chance.

i just find it funny how say how good their life is and still it’s not enough.  people… go figure 🙂


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