sry… just finishing this 🙂

so last tuesday was the new 2.4 patch! yay! no more attunement! i haven’t had a chance to finish my attunement quests to get into kara because I have been busy PvPing (i love it) and getting my pre-Kara tank gear. however, as of last tuesday i was kara bound. so i found myself being an offtank for group 1.  all i got to say is “this is awesome!”  I feel the same way about healers when I say this.  Why do people hate to heal and tank so much?  I loved being a vital part of the team.  Knowing that if I died or if I didn’t do my job, a wipe was most likely to occur.  I love being wanted.  I love being able to take a beating from 2 or 3 mobs at one time.  It was very exciting saving hunters that had their trap resisted and/or broken.  Charge and growl!  It was amazing.  I feel the same way when I heal!  I healed with my Priest for awhile and I love it.  That is why I’m slowly leveling a shammy along side my wife’s priest.  I’ll never understand how people can hate being such an important role.  I like seeing big numbers too, but tanking is my preference!


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