paying too much for your PC needs?

one of the hot topics now-a-days is the price of gas.  some tend to think it’s “Big Oil” that is gauging us all at the pump.  i mean, come on, driving is essential for most people.  we need it to go to work, to go visit family and friends, to go out and entertain ourselves, etc.  these oil companies and the other people involved know how important this stuff is, and they are using that to take advantage of us.

now, don’t get me wrong, i don’t like oil prices either, but this is not what this post is about.  look at the title!  it doesn’t fit.  however, the small talk about oil i thought would be opener for the story i want to tell…. about price gauging.

i have a good friend who owns an IT solutions company.  he contracts his time to setup networks, fix/upgrade computers, administrate and monitor various systems.  early this year he received a new client that needed help removing virii and spyware from their machine.  during their initial conversation, the client mentioned that he used to have another company do this sort of thing.  of course, anyone who would hear this is wondering “Why change!?”  well, the client began to think that he was getting wronged as far as the charges he had endured from said company.  my friend didn’t pry into those matters, but the client told him about a time when he needed a memory upgrade for his PC.

this is what blows my mind here… aside from the cost of the parts, the travel/gas fees, etc. the cost of labor was over $200.  $200?!  now, i’ve worked as a network administrator/pc support for over 8 years before moving on to programming full time.  with that kind of experience, i can say without a shadow of a doubt that the cost of labor is total bullpoo!  now i know some of you are probably thinking that it’s a consultant, they charge by the hour, blah blah blah…. you know what?!  that doesn’t make it right!  anyone who has added, removed, or changed out memory in a PC (or even a laptop in most cases) knows that it’s a 10 min job tops!  and that’s if i decide i want to inspect the case, screws, and other various parts.  that and with PC cases being so easy to open now, it’s ridiculous to charge an hours worth of work for a job that takes 5 minutes!

people just kill me… i know it’s all about making money, but why do we have to take advantage of other to do so.  so next time someone tries to charge you an outrageous price to install ANYTHING on your PC, kick them where it hurts… for me.  it’ll make me feel better 🙂


1 Response to “paying too much for your PC needs?”

  1. September 12, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    Oh hey you’re back!

    And I also sometimes want to kick the repair person cause I know they’re overcharging. But aside from going to a competitor there’s not much I can do about it.

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