heelarious-ly stupid

ok, i was going to write about the big wind storm we had yesterday that had trees everywhere and over 200k people without power.  however, someone sent me a link to a story about this fairly new product that i have to tell you about.

heelarious shoes are stilettos for babies!  little heels with squishy back ends (for safety).  when i saw this i prayed to internet gods to smite this site and all the little shoes with it.  why in the world would you buy this?  if you tell me because it’s cute, i might have to knock some sense into you.  i’ve been pondering writing a blog about how people love to waste money on baby clothes, but i think i’ll wait and do my research first.

anyway, what i do want to talk about is that fact that why do baby girls need this crap.  why must put our kids through the tourture of wearing stupid outfits (and this goes out to all those parents who dress their baby as a pumpkin for halloween even though they can’t even walk yet) just for our amusement.  do we like making our babies “cute” for others to see even though they look ridiculous.

sry, i feel a tangent coming on….. look at this!  if you clicked the link, you saw the monstrosity of what parents are WILLING to put their child through to make themselves laugh and others “awwww”.   some of those costumes go way beyond cute to total stupidity.  i mean…. PEA POD!  HOT DOG!  WONDERBREAD (pg 2 of link)!  WHOOPIE CUSHION(pg 3 of link)!  I can’t bear to see it no more.  what the heck are people thinking?!  who in their right mind thinks “It wil be so cute to dress up little Joe as a whoopie cushion this year”….. shame shame shame.  lastly, i’ve seen this happen… why do parents not only dress up their infants for halloween, but actually go trick or treating with them.  we all know that the infant ain’t going to eat the candy.

ok, time to calm down…. well, i do have a wow update coming soon.  other posts on the mind are: “irritable drivers” and “is there a patient warrior out there?”


1 Response to “heelarious-ly stupid”

  1. September 16, 2008 at 1:13 am

    I don’t dress my kid up because I feel uncomfy dressed up-why would I put her through that? and also because it’s too much work. Onesies are the way to go, and if you must have pants use the stretchy kind or the ones that have buttons on the bottom. Jeans are too much hassle. Shoes? Wait until they want them. Bows in the hair? why? they’ll pull them off and eat them. And I could go on ….

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