wow… it’s been awhile

so it’s been awhile since i have last talked about what i’ve been doing on wow.  so i thought i would make a bullet list of events that have happened since i last talked about wow.

  • my guild, RAWR, merged into another guild
  • i have gotten a decent tanking and healing set (i now tank KZ and heal ZA)
  • my wife and i had a falling out with the merged guild, and we left (favoritism amongst officers… i’ll post more about that later)
  • we joined an awesome new guild that does 25-mans
  • our new guild downed Lurker 1st try, and Mag on our 5th try…. ever!
  • started a blood elf pally to play with a friend
  • my pally is up to lvl 65 and is prot
  • i LOVE pally tanking

that is pretty much it except for the details.  i’ll write more about them later, but at least you all are caught up somewhat.


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