patience is a virtue

so i haven’t been in outlands long being a pally tank. i’ve only done a couple of RFK and SM runs before outlands, so i don’t have too much experience. however, since turning 60 and going to the place with all the goodies, i’ve been a tanking machine. now, i’m not the best there is by any means, but i know how to hold aggro well. one thing i haven’t gotten down too well is mana management. i can get through 2-3 pulls without running out of mana. so i have to sit down and drink for about 15-20 secs to get my mana back.

now, the other week, i was tanking a regular slave pens run. it was me, a druid healer, a rogue, a fury warrior, and a lock. things started ok, we buffed and we pulled the 1st two sets of mobs. they all went down wonderfully. we went to the next mob where i sat down and had to drink. not even 3 seconds later, the warrior charges and things get chaotic. now, i’ve been playing for a long time, and my tolerance toward stupid stuff like that short. so after the chaos was over, i told the warrior not to do that. he laughs and we continue on our way. a few pulls later, we got into a jam when the rogue was feared into another group. this is why i love pally tanking. i ran over and gathered the grp and had them all hitting me. the druid healer did great in healing me and we got them all down with no deaths. so we went to the next mob and i sat to drink, when AGAIN the warrior ran into the mob attacking. after we killed the grp, he laughed. i told him that it wasn’t funny, i was going to let him die next time. he told me my slow pulling wasn’t funny. well, i left the grp after that. i thought we were going quite quickly considering i had to drink and the dps was subpar. after i left, the warrior tried tanking and according to the druid, it was awful and they left eventually.

a bit afterwards, the druid wanted to run it again. so we got the rogue and warlock and picked up a mage friend of mine. things were going smoothly. my friend told me a shortcut after the 1st boss to quickly get to the second boss. well, after the 1st boss, we told everyone about the shortcut, but the rogue didn’t listen, he was impatient and stealthed ahead of us skipping the shortcut. well, the lock had to go afk for a minute and since the rogue skipped the shortcut, we all had to run back around and catch up to him. so once we did this, we had to wait for the lock. well the run was too slow for the rogue and started making comments about it. well my friend, being the funny guy he is, poked fun at that, and the rogue left. we ended up four manning the rest of the instance.

why are people so impatient. outland instances are designed to take 1-1.5 hours for average groups. when you have wipes, it can take longer. why do people thing that going into an instance is going to take 20-30 mins?! normally when i get on, i don’t even attempt to get into an instance grp unless i got at least 2 hours. am i missing something?! if so, i sure ain’t getting it.


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