i’m not quite dead yet…

…but i felt like i’ve spent the last two weeks in stocks!  it has been a very hectic half month.  work had a couple of emergencies that left me drained.  add to that work at home and church, life has been going non-stop.  i’m so sleepy.

the hallow’s eve event is going on in wow and lots of my friends are busted their humps to get the “Hallowed” title.  i myself do not find this that eager to get for it’s only a title, a title i really don’t get to see on myself.  the only title i would interesting in myself would be that of battlemaster.  that is the pvp title, and unlike most of the achievements in the game, this one will take some time, patience, and skill.

my belf pally only half a level away from 70 and i’m really excited over the new tanking talents.  i find tanking more fun that before.  i’m so glad that i can actually have a tanking weapon!  its a lot better than a puny spell power weapon.

well, i’ll write more this week, i just wanted to tell you all that i was still around.  i got an interesting post i’m working on which will come up soon…. stay tuned 🙂


1 Response to “i’m not quite dead yet…”

  1. November 3, 2008 at 10:56 am

    If i just so much expect someone being able to roll wrongly on a drop (being a ninja or simply not likely to understand/remember the lootrules) i put it on ML and no way in hell they can convince me to turn it off. I had people leave the party over this and i serious think it’s because i stopped a ninja in advance.

    I realise it works in both directions, what do they have to trust me on except for a well known guildname? Not much i guess, but it’s my party and i’m not letting my fun ruin… had that happen too often already.
    When grouping with people from other well known guilds i am more flexible i must confess, but in that case i have someone to turn to… someone would think twice to screw up his reputation.

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