Numbing November

So, November is over and THANK GOD!  I mean December ain’t much better as far as work goes (at least until my 2 week vacation kicks in on 12th), but I pray that it is better than November.

Before I get into the details for my month hiatus, I would like to thank the few that have commented on my posts.  Getting comments is such a motivator for blogging.  It get a bit discouraging when you get no responses to things.  However, thank you all.  I love all my comments, and they brighten my day.  You can thank Dax for this post and for getting me back onto my blogging horse.  His comment make me laugh and reminded me that I may have a few readers, but they are great readers and deserve better from me.

So now, onto my November that I wish I could forget.  Work has been crazy.  I’ve been working on three to four projects concurrently throughout the whole month.  Some of the projects have been smooth, but others have been insane.  Sometimes I don’t like dealing with people.  I’m sure I’ll write a post about this sometime soon.  There have been several people in my family sick.  I’ve had to help a couple of family members out of jams.  Visiting family for Thanksgiving is always hectic.  And the cherry on top of the poop cake is my house was broken into and robbed while I was away.

So, in conclusion, other than my brother’s and wife’s birthdays this month, November has been a wash.  Being so busy at work has cut my blog reading and writing to a bare minimum, but things are getting better.  You’ll see my awkward comments on more blogs soon.

I’ll be out of town today and tomorrow, so I’ll be writing something to post on Monday.   Have a good weekend all.


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