another year, another 80

well, after being on vacation for weeks, i’m back!  i feel slightly refreshed and ready to tackle some stuff!  well, not really, i miss vacation… come back to me ;(

well, during vacation, i’ve shopped, i’ve stayed up way too late, i’ve slept in later than i wished, i’ve visited relatives, and more importantly i’ve wowed it up!

yeah, nobody cares about what i got for christmas, or what family members i saw.  we all want to hear about wow?!  right?  no?…. well sry, wow is all you get today. 🙂

so, my nelf druid has been 80 for quite some time.  i found that the lack of bear mitigation made it difficult for some healers to keep me up in later heroics.  hopefully the buff we’re getting will help that.  in the mean time… I WENT BOOMKIN!  to tell you the truth, i’m loving it!  the lack of stress of not healing nor tanking is awesome, and i’m doing some decent dps in what not so great gear i have.  i love haste so and the buff that makes my wrath shoot like a machine gun… well not that fast, but you get the point.  i love seeing 7k crit starfires (and i’m eager to actually get good gear and see what it can crit at).  i’m doing nax and it’s an awesome raid.  the boss fights are so much more interesting than kara.  and it’s even more fun to just sit there and shoot away.

on the other side of the coin, i just got my belf pally tank to 80 and i spent some gold on getting some gear and gems and such, and now i’m at the 540 def cap!  heroics, here i come!  i love pally tanking.  someone called me a noob for having a pally tank and all i do is consecrate and win… i was like pfft!  we do a lot more than that!  i tank, i decurse, i protect the squishies, i stun, i pwn!  pally tanking is tons of fun.  unlike druid tanking, i can run in and be fine, i don’t have to run in, and drag back to make sure all are in front of me.   i do decent dps now too.  not the best, but its good for a tank.  i can’t wait until i get some epics so i can get a nice weapon to do more.  if anyone has any suggestion for pally weapons, plz tell. 🙂

now that i have two 80s, time to start working on a 3rd.  not sure if i should lvl my hunter, lock, or dk.  atm, there are a ton of hunters and dks on my servers, so maybe my lock, but dks are so much fun (hence the plethora of them).  i’ll keep you all updated.  take care and a belated happy new year.


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