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New WoW Blog

I started this blog was started for me to rant about things that were going on in my life.  Now WoW is part of my life, but I never really intended for it to be part of this blog.  With it being done, I always felt that this blog was corrupt in some sort of weird strange way (hey!  stop looking at me funny! /hide).  I guess it comes down to my ADD thing or something.

With that being said, I started a WoW only blog that details my life in WoW.  You can find it HERE @ 00alts. I will be moving/restructing my blogroll and such over there. Please check it out, for those 1, maybe 2 people who actually have this on feed.

As far as my RL blog, I will have to start anew somewhere. Right now, I need a new name, but be sure to know that I will post it here once it starts.

So for now, please check out 00alts and take care all.



alright stop!

collaborate and listen!  klaki is back with a brand new invention!  well, it’s not really new, but it’s back none-the-less.  i’ve been without blogging long enough and i think its about time i start sharing my sometimes twisted views on things.  so, for the 1 or 2 people who have subscribed to my small part of the internet, stay tuned!  today or tomorrow will be my first post-break post!

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