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Numbing November

So, November is over and THANK GOD!  I mean December ain’t much better as far as work goes (at least until my 2 week vacation kicks in on 12th), but I pray that it is better than November.

Before I get into the details for my month hiatus, I would like to thank the few that have commented on my posts.  Getting comments is such a motivator for blogging.  It get a bit discouraging when you get no responses to things.  However, thank you all.  I love all my comments, and they brighten my day.  You can thank Dax for this post and for getting me back onto my blogging horse.  His comment make me laugh and reminded me that I may have a few readers, but they are great readers and deserve better from me.

So now, onto my November that I wish I could forget.  Work has been crazy.  I’ve been working on three to four projects concurrently throughout the whole month.  Some of the projects have been smooth, but others have been insane.  Sometimes I don’t like dealing with people.  I’m sure I’ll write a post about this sometime soon.  There have been several people in my family sick.  I’ve had to help a couple of family members out of jams.  Visiting family for Thanksgiving is always hectic.  And the cherry on top of the poop cake is my house was broken into and robbed while I was away.

So, in conclusion, other than my brother’s and wife’s birthdays this month, November has been a wash.  Being so busy at work has cut my blog reading and writing to a bare minimum, but things are getting better.  You’ll see my awkward comments on more blogs soon.

I’ll be out of town today and tomorrow, so I’ll be writing something to post on Monday.   Have a good weekend all.


i’m not quite dead yet…

…but i felt like i’ve spent the last two weeks in stocks!  it has been a very hectic half month.  work had a couple of emergencies that left me drained.  add to that work at home and church, life has been going non-stop.  i’m so sleepy.

the hallow’s eve event is going on in wow and lots of my friends are busted their humps to get the “Hallowed” title.  i myself do not find this that eager to get for it’s only a title, a title i really don’t get to see on myself.  the only title i would interesting in myself would be that of battlemaster.  that is the pvp title, and unlike most of the achievements in the game, this one will take some time, patience, and skill.

my belf pally only half a level away from 70 and i’m really excited over the new tanking talents.  i find tanking more fun that before.  i’m so glad that i can actually have a tanking weapon!  its a lot better than a puny spell power weapon.

well, i’ll write more this week, i just wanted to tell you all that i was still around.  i got an interesting post i’m working on which will come up soon…. stay tuned 🙂


joining the cause

i’m normally a person who keeps to themselves and doesn’t follow a particular group or cause.  however, some causes are worth following.  after reading bbb’s article about his good buddy manny going into captivity, i felt that i should notify the 2 or 3 people who read this site about the good cause.  i call it the “free manny movement!”  click here to donate to the cause, and i’ve also added an image link to the right sidebar.  the donations go to the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).

ps – give a hoot, don’t pollute.


heelarious-ly stupid

ok, i was going to write about the big wind storm we had yesterday that had trees everywhere and over 200k people without power.  however, someone sent me a link to a story about this fairly new product that i have to tell you about.

heelarious shoes are stilettos for babies!  little heels with squishy back ends (for safety).  when i saw this i prayed to internet gods to smite this site and all the little shoes with it.  why in the world would you buy this?  if you tell me because it’s cute, i might have to knock some sense into you.  i’ve been pondering writing a blog about how people love to waste money on baby clothes, but i think i’ll wait and do my research first.

anyway, what i do want to talk about is that fact that why do baby girls need this crap.  why must put our kids through the tourture of wearing stupid outfits (and this goes out to all those parents who dress their baby as a pumpkin for halloween even though they can’t even walk yet) just for our amusement.  do we like making our babies “cute” for others to see even though they look ridiculous.

sry, i feel a tangent coming on….. look at this!  if you clicked the link, you saw the monstrosity of what parents are WILLING to put their child through to make themselves laugh and others “awwww”.   some of those costumes go way beyond cute to total stupidity.  i mean…. PEA POD!  HOT DOG!  WONDERBREAD (pg 2 of link)!  WHOOPIE CUSHION(pg 3 of link)!  I can’t bear to see it no more.  what the heck are people thinking?!  who in their right mind thinks “It wil be so cute to dress up little Joe as a whoopie cushion this year”….. shame shame shame.  lastly, i’ve seen this happen… why do parents not only dress up their infants for halloween, but actually go trick or treating with them.  we all know that the infant ain’t going to eat the candy.

ok, time to calm down…. well, i do have a wow update coming soon.  other posts on the mind are: “irritable drivers” and “is there a patient warrior out there?”


paying too much for your PC needs?

one of the hot topics now-a-days is the price of gas.  some tend to think it’s “Big Oil” that is gauging us all at the pump.  i mean, come on, driving is essential for most people.  we need it to go to work, to go visit family and friends, to go out and entertain ourselves, etc.  these oil companies and the other people involved know how important this stuff is, and they are using that to take advantage of us.

now, don’t get me wrong, i don’t like oil prices either, but this is not what this post is about.  look at the title!  it doesn’t fit.  however, the small talk about oil i thought would be opener for the story i want to tell…. about price gauging.

i have a good friend who owns an IT solutions company.  he contracts his time to setup networks, fix/upgrade computers, administrate and monitor various systems.  early this year he received a new client that needed help removing virii and spyware from their machine.  during their initial conversation, the client mentioned that he used to have another company do this sort of thing.  of course, anyone who would hear this is wondering “Why change!?”  well, the client began to think that he was getting wronged as far as the charges he had endured from said company.  my friend didn’t pry into those matters, but the client told him about a time when he needed a memory upgrade for his PC.

this is what blows my mind here… aside from the cost of the parts, the travel/gas fees, etc. the cost of labor was over $200.  $200?!  now, i’ve worked as a network administrator/pc support for over 8 years before moving on to programming full time.  with that kind of experience, i can say without a shadow of a doubt that the cost of labor is total bullpoo!  now i know some of you are probably thinking that it’s a consultant, they charge by the hour, blah blah blah…. you know what?!  that doesn’t make it right!  anyone who has added, removed, or changed out memory in a PC (or even a laptop in most cases) knows that it’s a 10 min job tops!  and that’s if i decide i want to inspect the case, screws, and other various parts.  that and with PC cases being so easy to open now, it’s ridiculous to charge an hours worth of work for a job that takes 5 minutes!

people just kill me… i know it’s all about making money, but why do we have to take advantage of other to do so.  so next time someone tries to charge you an outrageous price to install ANYTHING on your PC, kick them where it hurts… for me.  it’ll make me feel better 🙂


it’s so good to be home… thats why i’m leaving

why can’t people be content?  why must we want more?  these are questions i ask myself quite often being a gm of a guild.  i see people come and go and have come to the realization that no matter how much you offer, some people will never be satisfied.  i try my best to help and offer help to as many guild members that i possibly can.  i try to schedule quest nights, pvp nights, retro instance nights, give me all your gold nights!  just kidding about that last one. 🙂  however, to some, its not enough.

something quite funny occurred over the weekend.  i had a fairly new guild member tell me that he/she was leaving.  the reason was that he was going to a friend’s guild to help them grow.  it was fine by me, i want people to be happy and if you’re not happy in my guild, i want you to go where you will be.  the funny thing was that it was only a couple of days ago that he was telling me how much he enjoyed my guild.

well i went on helping a guilde quest.  a couple of hours have went past since the departure of the guilde when i get a tell from them.  they told me that the other guild was so awful and that he was so sorry and wanted back in because my guild was so awesome.  i will admit that this kinda made me feel good about myself (stupid pride for making me feel good).  of course i let him back in, people make mistakes, people will adventure.  the guilde was a nice person.  people deserve at least a second chance, depending on what they did to get that opportunity for the second chance.

i just find it funny how say how good their life is and still it’s not enough.  people… go figure 🙂


long time…

for the three readers (ok, so i over-exaggerated by three)  that were actually wondering where i was, i’m back… well sorta.  these past few weeks have been hard, but i will prevail.  work has been crazy and i’ve been feeling down and not really felt like writing much of anything.  however!  i figured that i need to get this back up and going and who knows… it might even cheer me up.  being able to lay down thoughts and stories, getting things off my chest.

i have some ideas i’m going to write about soon.  i’m also going to try my best to write a post at least every Mon, Wed, and Fri.  my hopes are that i can get some sort of feeling of accomplishment out of this, you know, to help me get out of this funk i’m in.  if anyone by chance stumbles upon this blog and has any idea or wants to know anything about how messed up my head can be, let me know.  my muse for finding things to write about is missing.

anywho, stay tuned (like that kinda suspense is going to kill ya), and i’ll have some stuff to say.  as for right now, my nose belongs back on that grindstone.

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