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LF Good Anime Suggestions

i’m an anime junkie… i admit it.  i’m not ashamed!  anime is a great form of entertainment.  i’ve seen many animes (trigun, neo genesis evangelion, cowboy bebop, deathnote, etc.) and am currently watching some (naruto, bleach).  i love them all, but i’m in need of a new one to watch.  this is where i call for your help.  i’ve been busy lately, so i haven’t got a clue if any of the new animes are any count.  please leave all suggestions in the comments and i’ll try to see as many as i can.  i normally don’t care for one with a lot of the huge robots (ex. the gundam series), but i enjoy most others.

thanks 🙂


ps – tomorrow i’ll post something, its been crazy here at work lately.


patience is a virtue

so i haven’t been in outlands long being a pally tank. i’ve only done a couple of RFK and SM runs before outlands, so i don’t have too much experience. however, since turning 60 and going to the place with all the goodies, i’ve been a tanking machine. now, i’m not the best there is by any means, but i know how to hold aggro well. one thing i haven’t gotten down too well is mana management. i can get through 2-3 pulls without running out of mana. so i have to sit down and drink for about 15-20 secs to get my mana back.

now, the other week, i was tanking a regular slave pens run. it was me, a druid healer, a rogue, a fury warrior, and a lock. things started ok, we buffed and we pulled the 1st two sets of mobs. they all went down wonderfully. we went to the next mob where i sat down and had to drink. not even 3 seconds later, the warrior charges and things get chaotic. now, i’ve been playing for a long time, and my tolerance toward stupid stuff like that short. so after the chaos was over, i told the warrior not to do that. he laughs and we continue on our way. a few pulls later, we got into a jam when the rogue was feared into another group. this is why i love pally tanking. i ran over and gathered the grp and had them all hitting me. the druid healer did great in healing me and we got them all down with no deaths. so we went to the next mob and i sat to drink, when AGAIN the warrior ran into the mob attacking. after we killed the grp, he laughed. i told him that it wasn’t funny, i was going to let him die next time. he told me my slow pulling wasn’t funny. well, i left the grp after that. i thought we were going quite quickly considering i had to drink and the dps was subpar. after i left, the warrior tried tanking and according to the druid, it was awful and they left eventually.

a bit afterwards, the druid wanted to run it again. so we got the rogue and warlock and picked up a mage friend of mine. things were going smoothly. my friend told me a shortcut after the 1st boss to quickly get to the second boss. well, after the 1st boss, we told everyone about the shortcut, but the rogue didn’t listen, he was impatient and stealthed ahead of us skipping the shortcut. well, the lock had to go afk for a minute and since the rogue skipped the shortcut, we all had to run back around and catch up to him. so once we did this, we had to wait for the lock. well the run was too slow for the rogue and started making comments about it. well my friend, being the funny guy he is, poked fun at that, and the rogue left. we ended up four manning the rest of the instance.

why are people so impatient. outland instances are designed to take 1-1.5 hours for average groups. when you have wipes, it can take longer. why do people thing that going into an instance is going to take 20-30 mins?! normally when i get on, i don’t even attempt to get into an instance grp unless i got at least 2 hours. am i missing something?! if so, i sure ain’t getting it.


wow… it’s been awhile

so it’s been awhile since i have last talked about what i’ve been doing on wow.  so i thought i would make a bullet list of events that have happened since i last talked about wow.

  • my guild, RAWR, merged into another guild
  • i have gotten a decent tanking and healing set (i now tank KZ and heal ZA)
  • my wife and i had a falling out with the merged guild, and we left (favoritism amongst officers… i’ll post more about that later)
  • we joined an awesome new guild that does 25-mans
  • our new guild downed Lurker 1st try, and Mag on our 5th try…. ever!
  • started a blood elf pally to play with a friend
  • my pally is up to lvl 65 and is prot
  • i LOVE pally tanking

that is pretty much it except for the details.  i’ll write more about them later, but at least you all are caught up somewhat.


heelarious-ly stupid

ok, i was going to write about the big wind storm we had yesterday that had trees everywhere and over 200k people without power.  however, someone sent me a link to a story about this fairly new product that i have to tell you about.

heelarious shoes are stilettos for babies!  little heels with squishy back ends (for safety).  when i saw this i prayed to internet gods to smite this site and all the little shoes with it.  why in the world would you buy this?  if you tell me because it’s cute, i might have to knock some sense into you.  i’ve been pondering writing a blog about how people love to waste money on baby clothes, but i think i’ll wait and do my research first.

anyway, what i do want to talk about is that fact that why do baby girls need this crap.  why must put our kids through the tourture of wearing stupid outfits (and this goes out to all those parents who dress their baby as a pumpkin for halloween even though they can’t even walk yet) just for our amusement.  do we like making our babies “cute” for others to see even though they look ridiculous.

sry, i feel a tangent coming on….. look at this!  if you clicked the link, you saw the monstrosity of what parents are WILLING to put their child through to make themselves laugh and others “awwww”.   some of those costumes go way beyond cute to total stupidity.  i mean…. PEA POD!  HOT DOG!  WONDERBREAD (pg 2 of link)!  WHOOPIE CUSHION(pg 3 of link)!  I can’t bear to see it no more.  what the heck are people thinking?!  who in their right mind thinks “It wil be so cute to dress up little Joe as a whoopie cushion this year”….. shame shame shame.  lastly, i’ve seen this happen… why do parents not only dress up their infants for halloween, but actually go trick or treating with them.  we all know that the infant ain’t going to eat the candy.

ok, time to calm down…. well, i do have a wow update coming soon.  other posts on the mind are: “irritable drivers” and “is there a patient warrior out there?”


paying too much for your PC needs?

one of the hot topics now-a-days is the price of gas.  some tend to think it’s “Big Oil” that is gauging us all at the pump.  i mean, come on, driving is essential for most people.  we need it to go to work, to go visit family and friends, to go out and entertain ourselves, etc.  these oil companies and the other people involved know how important this stuff is, and they are using that to take advantage of us.

now, don’t get me wrong, i don’t like oil prices either, but this is not what this post is about.  look at the title!  it doesn’t fit.  however, the small talk about oil i thought would be opener for the story i want to tell…. about price gauging.

i have a good friend who owns an IT solutions company.  he contracts his time to setup networks, fix/upgrade computers, administrate and monitor various systems.  early this year he received a new client that needed help removing virii and spyware from their machine.  during their initial conversation, the client mentioned that he used to have another company do this sort of thing.  of course, anyone who would hear this is wondering “Why change!?”  well, the client began to think that he was getting wronged as far as the charges he had endured from said company.  my friend didn’t pry into those matters, but the client told him about a time when he needed a memory upgrade for his PC.

this is what blows my mind here… aside from the cost of the parts, the travel/gas fees, etc. the cost of labor was over $200.  $200?!  now, i’ve worked as a network administrator/pc support for over 8 years before moving on to programming full time.  with that kind of experience, i can say without a shadow of a doubt that the cost of labor is total bullpoo!  now i know some of you are probably thinking that it’s a consultant, they charge by the hour, blah blah blah…. you know what?!  that doesn’t make it right!  anyone who has added, removed, or changed out memory in a PC (or even a laptop in most cases) knows that it’s a 10 min job tops!  and that’s if i decide i want to inspect the case, screws, and other various parts.  that and with PC cases being so easy to open now, it’s ridiculous to charge an hours worth of work for a job that takes 5 minutes!

people just kill me… i know it’s all about making money, but why do we have to take advantage of other to do so.  so next time someone tries to charge you an outrageous price to install ANYTHING on your PC, kick them where it hurts… for me.  it’ll make me feel better 🙂


alright stop!

collaborate and listen!  klaki is back with a brand new invention!  well, it’s not really new, but it’s back none-the-less.  i’ve been without blogging long enough and i think its about time i start sharing my sometimes twisted views on things.  so, for the 1 or 2 people who have subscribed to my small part of the internet, stay tuned!  today or tomorrow will be my first post-break post!



sry… just finishing this 🙂

so last tuesday was the new 2.4 patch! yay! no more attunement! i haven’t had a chance to finish my attunement quests to get into kara because I have been busy PvPing (i love it) and getting my pre-Kara tank gear. however, as of last tuesday i was kara bound. so i found myself being an offtank for group 1.  all i got to say is “this is awesome!”  I feel the same way about healers when I say this.  Why do people hate to heal and tank so much?  I loved being a vital part of the team.  Knowing that if I died or if I didn’t do my job, a wipe was most likely to occur.  I love being wanted.  I love being able to take a beating from 2 or 3 mobs at one time.  It was very exciting saving hunters that had their trap resisted and/or broken.  Charge and growl!  It was amazing.  I feel the same way when I heal!  I healed with my Priest for awhile and I love it.  That is why I’m slowly leveling a shammy along side my wife’s priest.  I’ll never understand how people can hate being such an important role.  I like seeing big numbers too, but tanking is my preference!

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