Raid Epic Fail x 2

Sidenote:  Decemeber is not starting off any better.  I was sick all day Sunday and my wife fell down a flight of stairs.  She is not hurt badly, just sore all over.  If anyone finds lady luck, punch her once for me.  🙂

So, yesterday I get on WoW and begin questing with my wife.  We are doing quests in Dragonblight and having fun when I hear over vent “There is a raid gathering to take out UC.”  Now my wife and I would love to get ourselves a Black Bear Mount.  The mount you get when you kill the leaders of the opposite faction.  My little group asked to join this raid and were gladly accepted.  I was with two hunter friends of mine (I’m a feral Druid btw).  My wife went offline to watch the season finale of Scream Queens (which is another story for another day).

Well, my friends and I frantically make our way to UC.  The raid is full and there are many people from all over Azeroth, Northrend, and Outlands making their way to the gathering point.  Over vent, we were talking strat because the raid was suppose to split up and we were heading to the sewers.  About halfway from IF and Chillwind Camp, we get read raid messages saying to charge.  Half of the raid couldn’t wait any longer and went in without waiting on the others.  It was a massacre!  There was death everywhere!  The raid leader had no clue what to do.  By the time my friends and I got there, about 20 Horde were there combating the scattered raid.    It was total chaos.   My friends and I did go into the sewer and killed us some Horde before we decided to quit since there was no point.  Raid Epic Fail!

The night before, when I was feeling a tad better, I got online to goof off a bit.  There was a raid gathering to raid Org.  My wife and I joined this little party and it was very well organized.  Everyone met in our spot and we bum rushed Thrall.   My wife and I were toward the back cuz she DC’d and when we ran into Thralls room, we only saw a few people.  Thrall was sitting there and nothing attacked us.  We were both on the quest chain where we needed to talk to Thrall about the UC overtaking.  Luckily, we were still getting honor from the kills the people were getting, so we sat and waiting until Thrall was dead.  Thrall died and we were like…. “Uh, I didn’t get the achievement”  Come to find out, another raid went in there too and tagged Thrall before us 😦  Raid Epic Fail!

Bad raids for us…. one day though!  Those bear mounts will be ours!


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