New WoW Blog

I started this blog was started for me to rant about things that were going on in my life.  Now WoW is part of my life, but I never really intended for it to be part of this blog.  With it being done, I always felt that this blog was corrupt in some sort of weird strange way (hey!  stop looking at me funny! /hide).  I guess it comes down to my ADD thing or something.

With that being said, I started a WoW only blog that details my life in WoW.  You can find it HERE @ 00alts. I will be moving/restructing my blogroll and such over there. Please check it out, for those 1, maybe 2 people who actually have this on feed.

As far as my RL blog, I will have to start anew somewhere. Right now, I need a new name, but be sure to know that I will post it here once it starts.

So for now, please check out 00alts and take care all.



another year, another 80

well, after being on vacation for weeks, i’m back!  i feel slightly refreshed and ready to tackle some stuff!  well, not really, i miss vacation… come back to me ;(

well, during vacation, i’ve shopped, i’ve stayed up way too late, i’ve slept in later than i wished, i’ve visited relatives, and more importantly i’ve wowed it up!

yeah, nobody cares about what i got for christmas, or what family members i saw.  we all want to hear about wow?!  right?  no?…. well sry, wow is all you get today. 🙂

so, my nelf druid has been 80 for quite some time.  i found that the lack of bear mitigation made it difficult for some healers to keep me up in later heroics.  hopefully the buff we’re getting will help that.  in the mean time… I WENT BOOMKIN!  to tell you the truth, i’m loving it!  the lack of stress of not healing nor tanking is awesome, and i’m doing some decent dps in what not so great gear i have.  i love haste so and the buff that makes my wrath shoot like a machine gun… well not that fast, but you get the point.  i love seeing 7k crit starfires (and i’m eager to actually get good gear and see what it can crit at).  i’m doing nax and it’s an awesome raid.  the boss fights are so much more interesting than kara.  and it’s even more fun to just sit there and shoot away.

on the other side of the coin, i just got my belf pally tank to 80 and i spent some gold on getting some gear and gems and such, and now i’m at the 540 def cap!  heroics, here i come!  i love pally tanking.  someone called me a noob for having a pally tank and all i do is consecrate and win… i was like pfft!  we do a lot more than that!  i tank, i decurse, i protect the squishies, i stun, i pwn!  pally tanking is tons of fun.  unlike druid tanking, i can run in and be fine, i don’t have to run in, and drag back to make sure all are in front of me.   i do decent dps now too.  not the best, but its good for a tank.  i can’t wait until i get some epics so i can get a nice weapon to do more.  if anyone has any suggestion for pally weapons, plz tell. 🙂

now that i have two 80s, time to start working on a 3rd.  not sure if i should lvl my hunter, lock, or dk.  atm, there are a ton of hunters and dks on my servers, so maybe my lock, but dks are so much fun (hence the plethora of them).  i’ll keep you all updated.  take care and a belated happy new year.


Raid Epic Fail x 2

Sidenote:  Decemeber is not starting off any better.  I was sick all day Sunday and my wife fell down a flight of stairs.  She is not hurt badly, just sore all over.  If anyone finds lady luck, punch her once for me.  🙂

So, yesterday I get on WoW and begin questing with my wife.  We are doing quests in Dragonblight and having fun when I hear over vent “There is a raid gathering to take out UC.”  Now my wife and I would love to get ourselves a Black Bear Mount.  The mount you get when you kill the leaders of the opposite faction.  My little group asked to join this raid and were gladly accepted.  I was with two hunter friends of mine (I’m a feral Druid btw).  My wife went offline to watch the season finale of Scream Queens (which is another story for another day).

Well, my friends and I frantically make our way to UC.  The raid is full and there are many people from all over Azeroth, Northrend, and Outlands making their way to the gathering point.  Over vent, we were talking strat because the raid was suppose to split up and we were heading to the sewers.  About halfway from IF and Chillwind Camp, we get read raid messages saying to charge.  Half of the raid couldn’t wait any longer and went in without waiting on the others.  It was a massacre!  There was death everywhere!  The raid leader had no clue what to do.  By the time my friends and I got there, about 20 Horde were there combating the scattered raid.    It was total chaos.   My friends and I did go into the sewer and killed us some Horde before we decided to quit since there was no point.  Raid Epic Fail!

The night before, when I was feeling a tad better, I got online to goof off a bit.  There was a raid gathering to raid Org.  My wife and I joined this little party and it was very well organized.  Everyone met in our spot and we bum rushed Thrall.   My wife and I were toward the back cuz she DC’d and when we ran into Thralls room, we only saw a few people.  Thrall was sitting there and nothing attacked us.  We were both on the quest chain where we needed to talk to Thrall about the UC overtaking.  Luckily, we were still getting honor from the kills the people were getting, so we sat and waiting until Thrall was dead.  Thrall died and we were like…. “Uh, I didn’t get the achievement”  Come to find out, another raid went in there too and tagged Thrall before us 😦  Raid Epic Fail!

Bad raids for us…. one day though!  Those bear mounts will be ours!


Numbing November

So, November is over and THANK GOD!  I mean December ain’t much better as far as work goes (at least until my 2 week vacation kicks in on 12th), but I pray that it is better than November.

Before I get into the details for my month hiatus, I would like to thank the few that have commented on my posts.  Getting comments is such a motivator for blogging.  It get a bit discouraging when you get no responses to things.  However, thank you all.  I love all my comments, and they brighten my day.  You can thank Dax for this post and for getting me back onto my blogging horse.  His comment make me laugh and reminded me that I may have a few readers, but they are great readers and deserve better from me.

So now, onto my November that I wish I could forget.  Work has been crazy.  I’ve been working on three to four projects concurrently throughout the whole month.  Some of the projects have been smooth, but others have been insane.  Sometimes I don’t like dealing with people.  I’m sure I’ll write a post about this sometime soon.  There have been several people in my family sick.  I’ve had to help a couple of family members out of jams.  Visiting family for Thanksgiving is always hectic.  And the cherry on top of the poop cake is my house was broken into and robbed while I was away.

So, in conclusion, other than my brother’s and wife’s birthdays this month, November has been a wash.  Being so busy at work has cut my blog reading and writing to a bare minimum, but things are getting better.  You’ll see my awkward comments on more blogs soon.

I’ll be out of town today and tomorrow, so I’ll be writing something to post on Monday.   Have a good weekend all.


ninjaing…. you’re doing it wrong

so i’ve been playing wow since it’s beta, so i’ve seen my fair share of ninjas.  i’ve had things ninjaed from me a couple of times.  even so, it won’t keep me from pugging something i really want to do.  however, this ninja story i’m about to tell has a happy ending, well at least to everyone except the ninja.

my wife, as some know, is an avid pet collector.  she loves having all the little pets she can have.  the new patch which freed up bag space by putting your pets into an external “bag” saved my wife a TON of room.  well, my wife had not gotten the squashling from the headless horseman.  so, i made it a point to try my best to get it for her.

so, last night, my wife and i try to get a guild grp going to do the nightly HH runs.  well, we got 2 dps people willing to go, but couldn’t find a tank or healer to save our life.  eventually, we decided to find a pug one.  we found a fresh 70 warrior tank (i know he was fresh based off his gear and low hp).  even though i was feral, i decided that HH is easy enough to heal with just my healing gear without respeccing.  i had done the same thing the night before.

so i’m leading this grp and the warrior starts getting “gitty” about the gear he wants.  he keeps saying that he needs the helm so bad and such.  this worries me because i know people of that type.  they see what they want, and they take it.  i type out the looting rules (all pass, then we discuss and roll) which the warrior didn’t much care for, but i’m leading, i set the rules.  also, out of precaution, i put it on master looter.  i’m a fair bear 🙂  so the warrior gets all upset about this and pleads to have me turn it off.  i told him i was just making sure everything was fair.  that wasn’t good enough for him.  so he pleads and pleads and finally my wife tells me just to turn it off, so i did.

everyone finally assembles and the warrior summons the horseman.  he does an ok job tanking him.  HH is such an easy fight when you have the dps we had.  the HH goes down and what drops?!  the squashling.  my wife squeals and is very excited.  i remind everyone to pass on everything.  my wife passes, a guilde dps passes, the warrior GREEDS it.  as soon as everyone sees that, all heck broke loose.  everyones was asking why and stuff.  now, if you’re ninjaing something, clicking GREED is a mistake…. also youwait til you’re one of the last people.

so, after things calm down, i tell the other guilde dps to NEED it.  he asks if i’m sure.  i say ‘heck yeah!’.  no person is going to try to ninja and get away with it.  so the guilde dps gets it and then i immediately boot the warrior.  he gets all mad and curses at us and all the sorts.  i just told him that he needs to follow the looting rules.  i knew he read them because he was complaining about them.   so i said sry and put him on ignore.

well, eventually we got a guildie healer and i tanked the rest of the rounds.  my wife did get her pet, so she is happy, which makes me happy.  i hope everyone has had a good hallow’s eve wow holiday and gets all the goodies they want.


i’m not quite dead yet…

…but i felt like i’ve spent the last two weeks in stocks!  it has been a very hectic half month.  work had a couple of emergencies that left me drained.  add to that work at home and church, life has been going non-stop.  i’m so sleepy.

the hallow’s eve event is going on in wow and lots of my friends are busted their humps to get the “Hallowed” title.  i myself do not find this that eager to get for it’s only a title, a title i really don’t get to see on myself.  the only title i would interesting in myself would be that of battlemaster.  that is the pvp title, and unlike most of the achievements in the game, this one will take some time, patience, and skill.

my belf pally only half a level away from 70 and i’m really excited over the new tanking talents.  i find tanking more fun that before.  i’m so glad that i can actually have a tanking weapon!  its a lot better than a puny spell power weapon.

well, i’ll write more this week, i just wanted to tell you all that i was still around.  i got an interesting post i’m working on which will come up soon…. stay tuned 🙂


joining the cause

i’m normally a person who keeps to themselves and doesn’t follow a particular group or cause.  however, some causes are worth following.  after reading bbb’s article about his good buddy manny going into captivity, i felt that i should notify the 2 or 3 people who read this site about the good cause.  i call it the “free manny movement!”  click here to donate to the cause, and i’ve also added an image link to the right sidebar.  the donations go to the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).

ps – give a hoot, don’t pollute.

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