an alt of every size and color

she did it again!  i can’t believe it!  actually i can.  my friend Wulfa has created yet another hunter. 🙂  her, like many others create multiple alts of the same class.  this is the opposite of me where i have an alt of every class.  however, this brings up a question on why so many alts.  us altoholics, can we never be pleased by one toon?  why must we go through the painful grind of leveling yet another toon?

i have known many people, like Wulfa and my wonderful wife, that like to create multiple alts of the same class.  they do this to try different specs and/or racial aspects of the class.  my wife creates multiple mages 🙂  i don’t quite understand all of this because unless you want to play another race (more on that later) i don’t see a point of creating another alt.  why not get a set of gear for the other spec and respec your talents?

if you are like me, you end up creating an alt of every class because you want to see what its like to play these other classes.  now, for me, i will end up deleting an alt and creating another alt of the same class.  i do this for various reasons that most will not understand.  here is an example….

one thing i learned early on in WoW is that i can’t stand dwarves.  when i first started WoW i created a dwarf warrior.  in my opinion, when i see a male dwarf i see a warrior or pally.  i think a male dwarf by any other class is not a male dwarf.  female dwarves can be priests as well.  don’t ask, i have a weird way of thinking.  anywho… i created this warrior and i loved it up til about lvl 36.  then it started irritating me.  it wasn’t the warriors lack of healing, it wasn’t a lack of fun being a warrior… no!  it was the way the dwarf ran!  i couldn’t take it no more, it ran funny.  it reminded me of a waddling duck or something.  i soon sold my stuff and sent it to an alt and deleted my warrior.  i then swore to myself that i’ll never roll another dwarf, which i haven’t.

i have done this to other toons too.  i had a lvl 28 human rogue that had to go because the fact that i don’t like to show my helm (in most cases) and that the swing of my rogues ponytail got on my nerves.  when i create night elves, i never put much face features on them.  there is only one model of undead i can stand.  the list goes on and on.

combine this with my ADD alt style of playing, you can imagine how my WoW days go… la la la i love playing my warrior… la la la… crap, they jump funny… DELETE… i’ll play my rogue… la la la… awesome!… la la la… i want to play a tank… i’ll create another warrior!….

right now, i’m switching back in forth of wanting to lvl a tank or a healer.  i’ve been doing research on which is the best tank and which is the best healer.  i might just make a pally (which i got a 20 pally) or a druid (which i already got a 45 druid)  since they can go either way.

ok, i’m going insane.  tell me about yuor alts and why you make them and delete them… i’m going to go take some pain meds.  my mind is going insane thinking about all this stuff again.  pally… druid… but wars are the best tanks…. maybe… how bout a shammy healer… eek!


4 Responses to “an alt of every size and color”

  1. January 8, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    Heh you sound like Dammy. Every other day he has a new class/race/spec he wants to try and good reasons for wanting to do so. I’m a mean orc-I make him wait a few days to decide whether or not he really wants to invest time in yet another character when ‘Wulfa is waiting for Dammy to catch up to her . . . he usually forgets about the character and focuses on something else he wants to try 🙂 And I’m thankful for any puppy lobbying. Luv puppies!

  2. 2 klaki
    January 8, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    its good to play around on different things, but you’re right, you need to stick with one or two. if not, you’ll never see the cool end-game stuff. i created a toon on your server, but its been far in between for me to devote time to my belf pally. oh, puppy lobby #1 is posted… more to come 🙂 and WHEN you get one, you must send me pics.

  3. 3 zujoo
    January 8, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Bah I do not… I’m level 35! I’ve been all devoted to one class and that is proof! level 35 is HARD to get too… just ask all the hardcore players doing BT and stuff ;P

    Also…. amen AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN I have a derf paladin… I’m not sure how he got to 32… but there is a CLEAR reason why he always has a full blue bar. Something about short..ugly..duck..waddle….gaaahaaaaaaaaaaah.

    Things I will always want:
    Priest healer alt
    Druid tank alt
    Shamanistic rage(working on this one)
    Warlock gold farming alt(zujoo looks ugly… gonna have to try..hmm.. maybe bloodelf or undead)

    At least until I want something else ;P.

  4. 4 klaki
    January 8, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    LOL Dammy… I heard Orcs make the best Horde locks, but I’m a human, so I don’t know. I knew you would feel the same way about the dwarf thing. I had a feeling you would. Level 35 is quite a feat, but getting to 50 is much more of an accomplishment. I’m sure you will get there.

    I’m working on a druid, not sure if to tank or heal. They do both very well. I have a level 36 Shammy I like to play too. She is Enhancement specced. I have a level 42 holy priest that I love, but until they show some priests some love, I’ll lay off that one.

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